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Cover for Five Heroes: The Draken And The Phoenix
Isbn: 978-95-2804-701-8
Publisher: Books on Demand
Children's books 9-12 years
Accessible since: June 2021


Five Heroes: The Draken And The Phoenix

A long, long time ago, the world was submerged with total darkness. Great spirits, terrible creatures, and fallen demons were in complete control. Spirit king Dyeus introduced duality; light would exist with darkness, and darkness would exist with light. The establishment of new positive elements leads to the defeat of Chaos. However, humankind misused freedom and created evil, leading Dyeus to vanish into oblivion, leaving her lover Andromeda devastated. Unable to control her anger towards humanity for sending away her lover, Andromeda unleashed Dread the Draken to strike havoc on humanity. When the Dread makes its landing in Edinburg, it defeats a hundred soldiers with just two breaths. It then sends a message to the council through Mirk that he has kidnapped Ula, Dyeus´ daughter. The Dread demands that the council should send a fighter to the magical crystals Meriedem cave to fight him if they want Ula to stay alive. If the council fails, Dread will fulfill his desire to render humankind extinct. Why does the Dread ask to fight one man at a time while it can defeat a hundred fighters with only two breaths? Will the council agree to send a single soldier, or will they launch a full-scale war? Will Ula be saved, or what is her fate in the hands of the Dread? Will the people resume their everyday lives, or will the world go back to Chaos? To have a taste of the full experience, grab your copy and follow along with the unending series of uncertainty and unrest for humankind. Along the way, you will fall in love with some characters, but be prepared to dread others!

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